Luca Lush and Montell2099 2.23.19 / Subsonix

Luca Lush and Montell2099 2.23.19 / Subsonix

Date: Feb. 23rd, 2019
Age: 18+
Tickets: $15 Advance |$18 DOS

For more details:

Producer Luca Lush grew up playing self-taught drums in bad scene bands until he got to college, where he discovered drums don’t fit in dorm rooms. Undeterred, he put down the sticks and began programming beats on his computer.
Flash forward to 2018, and Luca Lush is one of the hottest names in electronic music, having toured internationally throughout last year behind a slew of popular remixes, including official releases with Ultra, Monstercat, and Columbia. His music regularly receives heavy support from the blogosphere, with frequent premieres on taste-maker site Run The Trap & Too Future.
His high-energy performances have grown a rabid international fan base, with his live sets blending a wide variety of musical genres at breakneck speed, including popular top-40 hits, throwback classics, and the latest from every genre of dance music.

With multiple collaborations, originals, and official remixes on the way to release in advance of his Great Romances of the 21st Century tour, Luca Lush is surely a rising act to watch.






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