EVH Tribute Night / Sold Out

Thank you to everyone who attended, performed and helped produce this fundraiser event. We were blown away by the talent, humility, time and effort each one of the musicians contributed to this project to honor the GOAT, Eddie Van Halen. Joshua Jones, Homer Larry Robison put a lot of time coordinating the right players, songs, set list and line up. This whole process was not easy. Everyone who stepped on that staged has earned the right to pay homage to their hero, inspiration and now a legend.

You all made history last night on an epic level. No one has done a Tribute to Eddie Van Halen except us! Thank you Larry for reaching out to me and Josh for jumping in to create the most epic night in IDL Ballroom’s history! Every EVH fan was NOT disappointed!

We are excited to work with Cancersucks.com who will match our proceeds from ticketing, posters and Tshirts to donate to the research for throat cancer in Eddie Van Halen’s name.

Thank you to Jennifer Biddle photography for donating her time.
Click the link to view her photos;

The Tulsa Wrecking Crew;
Homer Larry Robison, Joshua Jones, Steve ‘Doc’ Morris, Jason Gilardi, 9, Todd Edwards, Pete Turley, David Thomas, Johnny Jones, Eddie Bishop, Mat Donaldson, Matthew Gordon, Les Hodge, Tim Hewitt, Cory Reynolds, Derek Stitt, Derek Thrasher, Doug Weber, Phillip Hall, Rick Irving, Wayne Machande, Scott Squires, Mike Vines, Dustin Rhodes, Super Dave, Thad Timothy, Joey Trevino, Steve McCabe, Johnny Jones and Sabastian Duke


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