Save Tulsa Music Scene Concert Series

Special Thanks to our Title Sponsor D.E.B. Concerts for covering all the production costs to help us make these opportunities available to all the artists!

Save Tulsa Music Scene Concert Series was a concept created by Trent Creekmore and Tom Green to help our Tulsa area musicians who are currently performing for a living or working on their original art to create a platform for making money and perform in a socially conscientious environment. 100% of the door goes directly to the artist pockets. There won’t be online sales.

Thanks to our friends at Shady Keys who will be donating their cover charge each Saturday to help the artists.

Please review our COVID-19 Policies;

– We’ll have limited capacity for IDL Ballroom.

— Tables, Bistros and chairs will be set out for social distancing efforts.

— Temperature checks at the door.

— Mask provided at the door if you do not have one. Yes you can remove your mask if your consuming a beverage.

— Crowd control barriers will be used to keep social distance for the performing artists.

— For your safety and ours we installed a Reme Halo system throughout our whole facility back in May. This kills 99.9% of all airborne and surface viruses, allergens, dust, mold and other particulates.

— We have a professional company that fogs our whole facility with a medical grade sanitizer before each event.

— We will continue to use plastic cups.

We want to see all of our guests being respectful and considerate of others while we get through this virus!

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