Tulsa Music Stream joins our cause for the “Save Tulsa Music Scene” concert series.

We are excited to have Tulsa Music Stream​ as a media sponsor for our “Save Tulsa Music Scene” concert series.
Both Jana and Scott Squires put endless hours on this project to support local artists and the Tulsa music scene. Both are veteran musician’s and you can catch them live performing in the band Rocket Science – Tulsa​

Thanks to DEB Concerts​ and Shady Keys​ for sponsoring this socially conscience concerts!

Go Follow them and check out guests, bands and music scene info!

Tulsa Music Stream – Episode 17

Special guest interviews with Todd Edwards (Dead Metal Society) and Doug Weber (Seven Day Crash). Featured artists are Dead Metal Society and Rocket Science. Plus 5 more ticket giveaways to the Aug 15 Dead Metal Society / Rocket Science show at IDL Ballroom, courtesy of Marty Overbey (Tulsa Bands Bulletin Board).Sponsored by Lightning Strikes Productions and DEB Concerts.THANKS FOR LIKING OUR PAGE AND SHARING OUR STREAM!

Posted by Tulsa Music Stream on Sunday, August 9, 2020

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